Hello there! :)

Thank you for your interest in Belgrade Test Conference. We hope you will join us this year and have a great time!

Blind bird

50 €

Access to tester track sessions

Option to attend workshop(s)

(35 € per workshop)

Every ticket includes:

  • Networking
  • Social events
  • Welcome bag
  • Food & drinks
  • Get out of work card


Workshop attendance is tied to the tester or blind bird ticket. Purchasing only workshop tickets is not available.

Attendees who purchase a blind bird ticket will be able to purchase additional workshop tickets in August. You will be notified via email you used to buy the blind bird ticket.

You will be able to select individual workshops to attend.


Ticket refunds are possible only up to 15 days before the event. Cancelation fees are charged regardless of the deadline.

English is the official conference language

If you experience any problems with purchasing your tickets, please contact us at hello@bg-testconference.rs .