Conference description

Belgrade Test is a conference dedicated to software testing, directed mainly towards junior/intermediate testers and students. We aim to provide space for beginners and professionals alike, to exchange experiences, ideas and expand their network. Our long term goal is putting Serbia on the map as a country with a strong testing community, that makes a good final product and delivers the best software testing services in the region.

English is the official conference language.

Conference theme

This year our theme is Testing as a way of thinking. It is meant to primarily focus on human elements of testing, how a tester should think and what mistakes we make, personal experiences/challenges, and less on frameworks, tools etc. Workshops, of course, focus on the technical and practical aspect of software testing.


Delegates will be divided into 3 tracks:

    Starter track
  • This track will focus more on the role of testing in general and software development basics, as well as some technical showcases of what testing actually looks like.

    It is well suited for people who want to start their careers in software testing or deepen their understanding of testing.
    2 tester tracks
  • Two Tester tracks for junior and intermediate testers with 2-5 years of working experience. Sessions for this track should align with the conference theme.

    Attendees will be able to switch between two simultaneous tester tracks at any time.

Session types

Lightning talk
  • 10min + Q&A
  • Short motivational / inspirational talks
  • 40min + Q&A
  • Standard talk / presentation
  • 3-4h
  • Hands-on, technical workshop for 15-25 people

Important dates

Test Conference 2018
  • 7th & 8th November - workshop days
  • 9th & 10th November - main conference days
Call for papers
  • 9th July - CFP closing
  • 5th August - results
Social events
  • 8th November (evening) - speakers dinner
  • 9th November (evening) - networking event

For speakers, we provide

  • Accommodation and food expenses (3 nights)
  • Travel to and from the airport/conference venue etc. *
  • Speakers dinner and networking event
  • Full access to the conference
  • Media exposure (website and social media)

* since we are not a commercial event (we do this mainly to grow our testing community), we don't cover flight expenses or speaker fees. If this is a problem, please contact us so we can try to resolve it.