Vadzim Zubovich

Vadzim Zubovich
  • QA Automation engineer/architect and Team Lead
  • Company: EPAM Systems

QA Automation engineer/architect and Team Lead. Main stack: Selenium for Java and .Net Over 5 years of QA Automation experience.
Throughout my career, I have tried multiple automation tools and approaches, had experience with desktop, web and mobile testing automation. Have been using Java and C# as main automation languages, have basic Python and Ruby knowledge, now investigating Kotlin.
Currently mainly focused on establishing and managing QA Automation processes, designing automated tests architecture. Passionate about helping my colleagues grow and gain new experience which is why I’ve taken part in QA Automation training courses as a lecturer and tutor multiple times, eagerly accept conference invitations and try to participate in as many of them as I can as a speaker and also accepted the role of Resource Manager at EPAM.
Right now, I am exploring Kotlin language as the great solution for building up QA Automation frameworks in an easy fashion with some neat features that come in very handy for Selenium tests.

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